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Car Insurance

Established in 1974, The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), provides the basic, compulsory automobile insurance for all vehicles licenced in BC. This system protects BC residents by ensuring all vehicle owners carry at least the minimum insurance coverage.
Basic Auto Insurance (Autoplan) provides coverage to pay for injury-related medical and rehabilitation expenses in the event of an automobile accident, no matter who is at-fault. The basic Autoplan includes $200,000 Third-Party Liability coverage to cover you for injury or damage you cause to others.
Also included are Accident Benefits, UnderInsured Motorist Protection, Hit & Run and UnInsured Motorist coverage and Inverse Liability coverage.
Also available are these optional coverages:
♦ Higher Third-Party Liability limits up to $5 million (most drivers purchase a $2 million limit or more)
Collision coverage to pay for damage to your car due to a collision or upset
Comprehensive coverage for claims such as Fire, Theft, Vandalism & Glass
Loss of Use coverage for temporary substitute vehicles if your car suffers a claim and cannot be driven
Replacement Cost insurance for cars 3 years old or newer
Roadstar Package: provides Loss of Use (Rental Car) benefit up to $500; insurance for rental cars; lock re-keying if your keys are stolen
RoadsidePlus: Roadside assistance plan plus the benefits of the Roadstar package and more
Discounts available – In addition to the “Safe-Driving Discount”, you may also qualify for these:
Senior Citizen discount for drivers over age 65.
Passive-immobilizer discount
More information about these and other car insurance products are available at the ICBC website. Click here.
“Autonomous Emergency Braking Discount”: If your car has this feature which detects objects and automatically brakes, you can receive a discount. 
“Low Kilometre Discount”: if you drive less than 10,000 kms in the one-year policy term, you may receive a discount on renewal. We will require a photo of your odometer annually.
♦ 10-Year Driving Experience discount was discontinued in 2019.


The AirCare program is terminated effective January 1, 2015. You will no longer need to have your car AirCare tested in order to purchase the insurance.


This package includes all the features of the “Roadstar” plan (Loss of use/temporary car up to $750 limit, Rental Car insurance, Lock Re-Keying) plus “Theft Deductible Waiver”, “Roadside Expense Repayment” (to pay for towing and other expenses if your car breaks down), and other benefits.
Available for $28 if you already carry the Roadstar package. Click here for more details.

Garage Policies: If your business is a repair garage, body shop, car dealer, car wash or any other business where you have customer’s cars in your care, you are required by law to have an ICBC Garage Policy in place. Premiums are based on the type of business, number of employees and licence plates, value of customer’s cars in your care and other factors. Premiums start at around $500/year for a basic plan. Call John for more information.

Fleets: If you own or lease five or more vehicles, you may qualify for an ICBC FLEETPLAN which can provide a discount up to 63%. Other advantages to being on a fleetplan is not having to name a principal driver for vehicles, and one single expiry date (so less administration). Contact John for more information.
Storage insurance: If you are not planning to drive your car for long periods, we recommend obtaining a Storage insurance policy which provides Theft, Vandalism and glass coverage. The vehicle must be parked on private property. Premiums start at $30.



Get a comprehensive report of outstanding liens and past claims for $64.95 here:

ICBC Collector Vehicle Program: for cars & trucks over 25 years old and driven for pleasure purposes only, ICBC offers low rates.  You must also have a non-collector car to qualify. Call or email us for more information.