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Claims Procedures

phoneThis is what insurance is all about: to put you back in the position you were prior to the claim.

If you have a claim or loss, you must take the necessary steps to reduce further loss. For example, if your hot water tank bursts, shut off the plumbing system and move personal belongings to avoid further damage.

During regular business hours, call our office to report the claim.

For after-hours emergencies, contact the 24-hour assist line of your insurance carrier:

Intact Insurance: 1-866-464-2424

AVIVA Insurance Co.: 1-800-590-5003

Tokio Marine/Northbridge Ins.: 1-800-661-8770

Mitsui-Sumitomo (Chubb Insurance): 1-800-532-4822

Premier Marine: 1‐800‐ADJUST-4 (1-800-235-8784)

You may also contact service companies such as plumbers, glass repair shops, electricians, contractors, etc. of your choice. (Please keep in mind that you may be responsible for charges of these services in the event a claim is not covered or if emergency services were not necessary). For emergency water damage, fire or other repairs and clean-ups, contact any one of these restoration companies 24-hours/day:

Canstar Restoration: 604-549-0099 (our preferred restoration company)

On-Side Restoration: 604-293-1596
ServiceMaster: 604-435-1220
First-On-Site: 604-436-1440

Once we are notified of your claim, an adjuster will contact you by phone, usually within 24 hours. During heavy volume such as windstorms, it may take longer for the adjuster to contact you so please do what is necessary to avoid further loss.

Depending on the type and severity of the claim, the adjuster may or may not meet with you in person. Claims such as burglaries may be settled by an adjuster by phone. Water damage and fire claims will require a visit from the adjuster or the restoration company.

The most common problem with claim procedures is the communication between the insurer and you. If you have difficulty contacting the adjuster or understanding the procedure, please contact us for assistance.

The adjuster will arrange repair or replacement of the damage once coverage is determined. In theft claims you may be asked to provide written estimates for replacement of the stolen items. In all cases you will be asked to complete and sign a Proof of Loss form.

If you have questions about the procedures, please feel free to contact our office.