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ICBC Automobile Quotes

The simplest way to get a quote is to call, fax or email us your current insurance documents. If it’s not available, provide us with the following information (PDF File).

1. Your name, drivers licence number and birthdate

2. Address where the vehicle is parked when not in use (usually your home address)

3. Vehicle Use (one of the following)

– Pleasure Use Only (can be driven to work or school 6 days/month or less)

– To & From Work or School (WITHIN 15kms from home)

– To & From Work or School (MORE THAN 15kms from home)

– BUSINESS & Pleasure Use

– Other Use (describe in detail)

4. Drivers licence number and birthdate of the main driver (the person who drives it the majority of the time)

5. Drivers Licence number & birthdate of all secondary drivers of this car.

6. Year, Make and Model of Vehicle (be specific)

7. Coverages (most common are in bold)

Basic $200,000 Third-Party Liability & Accident Benefits (mandatory)

Excess Third Party Legal Liability
$1,000,000 | $2,000,000 | $3,000,000 | $5,000,000.

$300 deductible
| $500 deductible | $1,000 deductible

$300 deductible
| $500 deductible | $1,000 deductible

Loss of Use (to rent a car if your car has a claim and is undrivable)
$30/day | $50/day | $80/day | $100/day

Roadstar Package (includes Loss of Use of $500 plus other benefits)

RoadsidePlus package (same as Roadstar plus Roadside Assistance Reimbursement, Loss of Use of $750, Theft Deductible Waiver, and other benefits)

Replacement Cost/Limited Depreciation

8. Payment Method
Cash/Cheque | Visa/MC/AMEX | Monthly Payment Plan | Quarterly Pay (sorry, no e-transfers for ICBC)

Other optional information that will assist us:

9. Approximate net weight of vehicle (If you’re not sure, we will determine)

10. Any non-factory modifications to the vehicle such as wheels, stereo, paint? If so, provide description and current dollar value.

11. the eight-digit coding number from your current insurance document. This is located at the bottom of the page on the insurance papers.

12. Other Fees: depending on your situation, you may have to pay these additional fees:
Licence Plate ($18) – if new insurance

Registration ($18) – if new registration

Transfer of Ownership ($28) – if purchasing a vehicle

12% Sales Tax based on the purchase price of car if a private sale

Let us know your situation and we’ll advise you if these fees are applied.


Minimum premium is $30.  and for Comprehensive coverage (Fire, Theft, Vandalism & Glass), the cost is approx 35% of the Comprehensive rates.


ICBC Collector Vehicle Program: for cars & trucks over 25 years old and driven for pleasure purposes only, ICBC offers low rates.  You must also have a non-collector car to qualify. ICBC offers the most flexible, affordable Collector Car insurance program (ie: “Pleasure Use” is broader than other insurers). We can assist you with the application process.


**NEW** “Income Top-up”– under the new Enhanced Accident Benefits, if a crash results in an injury and you can’t work, your net income is covered up to 90% to a maximum of $100,000 gross income. If you earn above $100,000, you can purchase additional coverage to “top-up” the wage loss replacement. Premiums start at $37/year for $10,000. 



Get a comprehensive report of outstanding liens and past claims for $64.95 here: